'One Shot'

The Making of

The Deer Hunter

By Jay Glennie


Limited Edition

Only 1979 copies will be printed


Mr De Niro being given his copy of One Shot - The Making of the Deer Hunter   by author Jay Glennie

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Turn on sound to hear the beautiful and haunting 'Cavatina' by John Williams

"The Deer Hunter changed my life because I feel that working with Bob (De Niro) changed my life and gave me a lifelong friendship, which I treasure."

Meryl Streep

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#1111 signed by Robert De Niro

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All orders  & Special Reserve orders will come complete with this original poster, never seen before and exclusive to Coattail Publications

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In addition ALL 'Special Reserve' orders will come signed by author Jay Glennie complete with The Deer Hunter 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition on Blu Ray*

Which includes a 64 page booklet including material written by Jay Glennie and adapted from his forthcoming numbered limited edition large format book ‘One Shot: The Making of The Deer Hunter

* Blu Ray pack only available for viewing in  Region B2 

In The Media

"It's a wonderful movie. I know it sounds strange but even at the time  I knew we had something special."

Chris Walken 

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