Just a few of the 400+ stunning images  we have in this beautiful Limited Edition Book

 - Robert De Niro -

“I always felt that The Deer Hunter was going to be a good movie; otherwise I wouldn’t have done it. It had its flaws, but there was something very special about it. I responded to Mike, I responded to his passion and how serious he was about the film and that is the same reason I responded to you and your book. I just knew that you were going to do such a great job, and that you care so much and I am very impressed with that. I saw right away that you were serious and knowing how hard you are working at producing this book makes me want to talk to you and it would be the same for Meryl, Chris, John, all of us. I’m very excited for it to be released; it’s going to be a wonderful book.”     

Meryl Streep recalls auditioning for The Deer Hunter in our forthcoming book ‘One Shot, the making of The Deer Hunter’

“I went along to an audition with Bob (De Niro), Michael (Cimino) & I recall Cis Corman. I remember that I wore a flowered print, like a liberty print, blouse that I had since high school; I keep clothes for rather a long time.”

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December 12 2019

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