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I knew that the work we put in and the way Marty directed Raging Bull it would be special; no matter the success of the film financially, I just knew that we had something special. There was a lot of love and care put into it. I told Marty that, I wasn’t making a big deal of it, you didn’t have to say a lot. We knew. Marty knew.

- Robert De Niro

Raging Bull gave me my whole life.

- Joe Pesci

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Limited Edition

Only 1980 Copies Printed

The Making Of

By Jay Glennie

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All Orders will come complete with this original poster specially commissioned by Coattail Publications


Robert De Niro 

Joe Pesci

Cathy Moriarty 

Michael Badalucco 

John Turturro 

Martin Scorsese

Irwin Winkler

Paul Schrader

Thelma Schoonmaker

Jim Henrikson

Dan Perri

Gloria Norris

Shawn Slovo

Paula Petrella

Harry Ufland

Mike Medavoy

Jay Cocks

Price £39

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Author Jay Glennie presenting

Robert De Niro with a copy of 

The Making of The Deer Hunter

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Look Inside

Price £39

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Legacy of Raging Bull

Francis Ford Coppola

Brian De Palma

Stephen Graham

Richard Linklater

Michael Mann

Asif Kapadia

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I firmly believed it [Raging Bull] was going to be my last film. I was going to go to Europe and do smaller European films. So I put everything in it. I didn’t care about anything. Kamikaze. I was going to make it the best film that I could.” 

- Martin Scorsese

Forty years later Cathy Moriarty can look back with huge pride at the film. You know it just happened. The how and why I don’t know. You just knock on the door and hope to God somebody answers. I’ll be forever grateful to Bob and Marty for the opportunity for the rest of my life.” 

- Cathy Moriarty

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