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Previous Event: Tuesday 1st October 6.30pm 

Venue: Rio Cinema, London, E8 2PB

Marlon Richards

We are delighted to say Jay Glennie has spoken to Marlon Richards shown on the right enjoying our book, and he has agreed to attend the screening at the Rio Cinema and join Sandy and Jay for part of the Q&A on behalf of his mother, Anita Pallenberg.

You can see Nic Roeg & Donald Cammell’s Performance on the big screen in a beautiful 35 mm print at the wonderful Art Deco Rio Cinema, London.

Hosted by Jason Solomons.

Producer Sandy Lieberson, author Jay Glennie & Marlon Richards (son of Anita Pallenberg and Keith Richards) have been invited to chat about the making of the film and our book, so stick around afterwards. 

Signed copies of our book will be available on the night.

Book your tickets now via

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Sandy & Jay

Copies of our book 'Performance The Making of a Classic' will be available to purchase on the night and exclusively for you Sandy (left) and Jay will be on hand and will be more than happy to sign your copy and pose for selfies if you so wish.

Book your tickets now via

Marlon Richards

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Jay & Jason Solomons

Jason Solomoms Sandy Leiberson Jay Glenn
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Previous Event: Sunday 28th July 3.40pm 

Venue: HOME Cinema, Manchester M15 4FN


Performance + Q&A

Part of: Performance

Part of: Sound and Vision: Pop Stars on Film

We will be joined by producer Sandy Lieberson and author of Performance: 50th Anniversary Book, Jay Glennie, for a Q&A following this screening at 15:40 on Sun 28 Jul. There will be limited copies of the book on sale on the night at a special price of £39.99 (usually retails at £100).

Film details

Nicolas Roeg, who sadly died in 2018, would prove a canny alchemist when it came to dipping into the pop pool for casting purposes, (he cast David Bowie in The Man Who Fell To Earth and Art Garfunkel in Bad Timing), and he and co-director Cammell hit pay dirt here with Mick Jagger’s extremely convincing turn as a washed up singer (“old rubber lips”) whose seclusion is rudely disturbed by the 60s London crime underworld. Influenced by the writing of the Argentine author Jorge Louis Borges, it’s a kaleidoscopic and eye-popping look at identity and transformation.


Jay, Prof Jason Woods & Sandy


Prof Jason Woods, Sandy & Jay


Jay & Sandy


Jay & Denise Johnson (New Order, Primal Scream

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Previous Event: Saturday 27th July 5.30pm 

Venue: Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds LS6 1JD


“I like a bit of a cavort,” says Chas (James Fox), amoral wide boy on the run who hides out in the rambling Notting Hill pad of rock god Turner (Mick Jagger), merging identity with his host and hangers-on as he is inducted into their insular bohemian lifestyle.
Influenced by Ingmar Bergman’s Persona (1966) and the films of Alain Resnais, Performance introduced the world to the fractured storytelling and editing style of cinematographer-turned-director Nicolas Roeg. Co-director and screenwriter Donald Cammell can be credited for the mind-bending, debauched tone, which so outraged Warner Bros that the studio shelved the film for two years. The use of colour is extraordinarily vivid, while the soundtrack incorporates Jack Nitzsche’s unnerving score alongside songs that include Jagger’s Memo from Turner.

This special screening will be presented on 35mm and followed by a Q&A with Producer Sandy Lieberson and author of Performance: 50th Anniversary Book, Jay Glennie.

DIRECTOR: Donald Cammell, Nicolas Roeg
DETAILS: UK, 1970, 100mins, 18
STARRING: James Fox, Mick Jagger, Anita Pallenberg
ASSOCIATION: Coattail Publishing


Faye Dawson, Sandy & Jay

Mr Sandford Lieberson

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Previous Event: Friday 26th July 6.30pm 

Venue: Watershed, Bristol BS1 5TX


Nic Roeg’s first feature film co-directed with art world bohemian Donald Cammell produced an era defining portrait of swinging 60s decadence meets brutal east end underworld.

A deliriously experimental thriller about a hunted gangster taking refuge with a reclusive rock star, Performance was treated with disdain by the studio who produced it and bewildered audiences at the time, but has since gone on to become a classic and defining thriller of British cinema. Amid swinging sixties London, in underworld terms, Chas Devlin (James Fox) is a performer - a psychotic East End gangster with a talent for violence and intimidation. By contrast Turner (Mick Jagger) is a washed-up junkie and reclusive rock superstar. When their worlds collide, the impact is both exotic and explosive.

Even in an era of cinematic experimentation, Performance stands out as a visually daring film that deals with questions of sanity and identity, representing the furthest that truly underground filmmaking has ever penetrated into the mainstream. A psychedelic blend of fantasy, freakishness and pioneering ideas and sensibilities, with an incredible soundtrack to boot.

Presented on 35mm.

The screening will be followed by Q&A and then a book signing in the Café & Bar with Producer Sandy Lieberson and author Jay Glennie whose large format Performance: 50th Anniversary Book will be on sale for the special price of £39.99 (instead of its retail price of £100) for ticket holders.


Jay, Sandy, Mark Cosgrove


Jay & Actor Paul McGann


Jay & Portishead's Adrian Utley

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Previous Event: Sunday 13th December 6.30pm 

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Jay & Steve

Danny Leigh, Sandy & Jay

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Bobby Gillespie, Lead Singer Primal Scream


Sandy, Danny, Jay & Bobby Gillespie

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