Just a few of the 400+ stunning images, many of which are previously unseen that  we have in this beautiful Limited Edition Book

"You'll look funny when you're fifty"

 “50th anniversary?

    Fucking hell!”

   - Mick Jagger

“The money was in Mick, although I   was certainly a useful   name for the film but the money   was in Mick.”
James Fox

“I often refer to time and the passage of time,” said Nic Roeg nearly 50 years later, “and I don’t often speak of Performance because with Donald’s passing many of the secrets between us went with him. Now, rightly many people speak of Mick Jagger when they speak of Performance, but also one should not forget James Fox; a timeless performance.” 

Extract from our large format book on the making of Performance 

Anita's copy of the script

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