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We are hugely grateful to everyone who have given up their time and helped us with the production of this beautiful book which will soon be available only from Coattail Publications. Below is the full list of contributors.....


Robert De Niro : Michael Vronsky

Meryl Streep : Linda

Chris Walken : Nick Chevotarevich

John Savage : Steven Pushkov

George Dzundza : John Welsh

Rutanya Alda : Angela Ludhjduravic

Paul D'Amato : Green Beret

Dennis Watlington : Cab Driver



Barry Spikings : Producer

Michael Deeley: Producer

John Peverall : Producer

Joann Carelli: Associate Producer

Marion Rosenberg : Associate Producer

Deric Washburn : Screenwriter

Quinn K. Redeker : Writer (story)

Vilmos Zsigmond: Cinematographer

Michael Grillo: 2nd Assistant Director

Chase Newhart : Trainee Assistant Director

Nick McLean : Camera Operator

John Williams : Performer: Main Title Theme

Ken Kovach : Choir Master

John Learned : 2nd AD Thailand

Barry Butler : Production Assistant: Thailand

Patrick Gauvain : Production Assistant: Thailand

Robert Werden : Unit Publicist

Rupert Perry : EMI Music Soundtrack

Thom Mount : Universal Studios President

Willette Klausner : Universal Studios Publicity

Harry Ufland : Robert De Niro's agent

Mike Medavoy - Head of Production United Artists


The Deer Hunter legacy

Jeff Bridges

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