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" To produce a mighty book you                must choose a mighty theme "                - Herman Melville

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" Reading gives us someplace to go                 when we have to stay where we are "

  –Mason Cooley

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Raging Bull

The Making of



" So many books, so little time"

 –Frank Zappa


Marlon Richards

Son of Anita Pallenberg

Jay Glennie has done an outstanding job conveying a very dark and difficult film into a beautifully printed book. Personal anecdotes from those involved, great insight and so many unseen images.... I find the book easier to cope with than the movie personally for a myriad of reasons. Congrats Jay

Sir Mick Jagger

It’s 50 years since I filmed Performance & I’m happy to say that Jay Glennie is set to release the Performance 50th Anniversary large format book. Featuring interviews with me, James Fox, Sandy Lieberson, Nic Roeg and over 500 images, it’s a beauty! 

James Fox

Congratulations on a magnus opus. It is special for us who were part of it or close to it then, And it can't help being a huge buzz to the many new people i hope it reaches. It is such a well understood and gorgeous looking assembly of the story. Best wishes!

Gary Crowley

Xmas has come early in my house with the arrival of          Jay Glennie’s sumptuous book telling the story of the making of the iconic film Performance 50th Annversary, It’s a fascinating, in depth peek behind the camera with those who made it & the thoughts of those who cherish it. Bravo Jay.


About Coattails


Inspired by a throwaway remark by broadcaster Jonathan Ross “riding on the coattails of iconic films” to Jay Glennie, Coattails Publishing was formed by Steve Wilkin and Jay Glennie.

A marriage of extensive interviews and research and rare and memorable images, Coattails books will explore the rich and compelling stories behind the World's most iconic films.

“I do believe something very magical   can happen when you read a book”         – J.K. Rowling


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“Think of this – that the writer wrote            alone, and the reader reads alone,              and they were alone with each other”      – A.S. Byatt


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